Friends of Littleover Parks - all volunteers working to help the community

We organise events on most of the Littleover Parks - there are eight : Sunnydale Park, Bendal Green, Millennium Wood, Heatherton Pond, Havenbaulk Rec., Griffe Field Park, King George V Playing Fields, and Clemsons Park .

Sunnydale is our only Local Nature Reserve. A group of volunteers meet each first Saturday of the month to maintain and improve it.      The park renewed its Green Flag Award in 2018

Clemsons Park has the best variety of trees with several species of oak, maple, birch, poplar, sorbus, etc.

King George V Playing Fields is used by local sports clubs. There is a good childrens’s play area, tennis courts, a multi-sports-area, skate board ramps, some outside-gym equipment, and even a bowls club to join. This is where we hold the Picnic-in-the-Park most summers - This year Sat-27-June.

Griffe Field Park we have been working on for several years, planting trees, shrubs, bulbs, wildflowers. There is lots to do. Come and Join the working party each third Saturday of the month. There will be a talk about the small mammals that inhabit the park at the end of July.

Millennium Wood has lots of space with paths to walk, and a ‘green path’ round the back of the woods. There is a community Orchard with many varieties of orchard fruit, some quite unusual.

Heatherton Pond is the best place to see water birds. Remember that ducks cannot digest bread. The fishing and the surrounding area is supervised by the Earl of Harrington Fishing Club. Do contact them for a permit and they organise have-a-go days for young people.

Working together to make the Littleover Parks more enjoyable for local people and attractive to wildlife

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 Action Morning on either

 Millennium Wood Park or

 Griffe Field Park or another

 Saturday 10am to 12noon

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   Littleover Parks Walk

  Saturday 10am  to 12:30pm

  King Geo. V Playing Field carpark   Join us on a brisk walk around
  several of our local parks avoiding   roads where we can use the local   ginnels and gitties.

 FoLPs General Meeting

 Monday 7:30pm to 9:30pm-ish

 Meet at Littleover Social Club,
 61 Blagreaves Lane, DE23 1FQ

 Please help organise what we do


  Sunnydale Action Morning

  Saturday 10am to 11:30am

  Meet by the pond.

  Please, bring suitable tools for the   jobs and clothes for the weather   and any refreshments..

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