Heath’ton 106

The developers of Heatherton gave to the Derby City Council, from money received in the purchase price of Heatherton houses, £330,000 to be spent on the “provision of leisure facilities within 1 mile of the boundaries of the development area before April 2019.

We have given ideas to the council, who are evaluating and costing them.
We await the council’s decision.

Here are the ideas that the Parks Department have considered.

HP-Heatherton Pond Parking and             Platforms

HT-Teenage Equipment in Griffe
   Field or KGeorgeV-Playing Field

MO-Millennium to Oaklands Link

SP-Sunnydale Play Area Drainage

SI-Sunnydale Path Improvements

MI-Millennium Improvements

GP-Griffe Field to Clemsons Parks
          Path Improvements

CT-Clemsons Park More Trees &


MB-Millennium to Blagreaves Lane

BR-Benches Replaced in the area

SA-Staunton Avenue open space


Heatherton sec.106 Suggestions

- Earl of Harrington Fishing Club suggest facilites for disabled anglers that would benefit everyone - 10 parking spaces by the entrance preferably on stabilised gravel and 6 fishing platforms with relevent ground work, path improvements, marginal planting, extra fish, benches and information boards.

- Consultations for more play, sport, and exercise equipment suitable for both younger and older teenagers have given few and mixed responses ! No-one was enthusiastic but Havenbaulk might be better than other areas.

- Acquire ‘no-mans-land’ green lane from Millennium Wood to Oaklands Avenue and lay cycle+foot path linking to Moorway Lane.

This would be a strategic improvement for off-road travel.

- Sunnydale children’s play area floods and so needs substantial drainage work to divert surface water either to a soak-away area or to the pond

- The path through the central wood needs upgrading to tarmac and cycle route standard, with improvements to the entrance from Shearwater Close and drainage under the path near the green notice board by the pond..

- Millennium Wood could be improved with a new nature pond and features around it, new trees, more benches, information boards, and an extension to the Community Orchard.

- The footpaths through Griffe Field Park have a number of specific drainage problems that should be improved. Bringing all the paths up to cycle route standard, improving wildflower areas, and installing information boards will all await other funding sources.

- Clemsons Park and Playing Field has a mix of at least 50 types of tree which could be improved with more trees, particularly those suited to the wet clay soil and also a wildflower strip on the north side of the playing field (which used to be a pony paddock).

- Acquire strip of land from fields between Millennium Wood and Blagreaves Lane to open link to Sunnydale Park.

This could be too expensive unless owners are open to creative negotiations. This would be a strategic improvement opening up Sunnydale to Millennium Wood and the Heatherton area. But there is no progress on this currently.

- Money can always be spent on more benches both in Heatherton and throughout other green spaces. Perhaps this could be addressed by people and clubs donating them.

- Improvements to the Staunton Avenue play area may receive some money from Heatherton (!!) but other council funds may be used.

- Do let us have your suggestions - use the Contact Page

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