Millennium Wood

Millennium Wood

The land for this park was given kindly by the Grimwood-Taylor family. The wood at the eastern end of the park was created in the year 2000 from trees sponsored by many local people to mark the birth of a baby in 2000. A tree belt was also created on the northern side to buffer the park from the housing estate.

Paths and benches have been installed and this is a great place to walk dogs. Also this park connects across the Moorway Lane with the Griffe Field Park, which in turn connects to the King George V Playing Fields and Clemsons Park.

A Community Orchard has been created in the western field nearest Moorway Lane. See separate page for more details.

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Heatherton s.106 funds enabled the creation of a natural pond with wildlife and visitor facilities and also a cycle route through to Oaklands Ave.

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