Littleover Community Orchard

Community Orchard

A Community Orchard has been created in the western most field of the Millennium Wood Park nearest Moorway Lane.

The Derby City Council Parks Department chose and supplied the trees and FOLPs with local school pupils planted them. The orchard has several different varieties of



Damsons, Gages, Plums, Cherries,

Hazlenuts and Filberts.

Some trees are beginning to bear afew fruit and others will be ready for local people to pick them in a years time.

Orchard Website Links

  Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group - South West - Orchard Maintenance and pruning

  Brogdale Collections - national fruit collection, orchards, identification, courses, etc.

  Orchard Network - working together for traditional orchards, biodiversity, courses, etc.


   1. Arthur Turner

   2. Bountiful

   3. Bramley’s Seedling

   4. Charles Ross

   5. Discovery

   6. Egremont Russet

   7. Falstaff

   8. Fiesta

   9. Golden Delicious

10. Greensleeves

11. James Grieve

12. Laxton’s Superb

13. Lord Derby

14. Lord Lambourne

15. Newton Wonder

16. Rev.W.Wilks

17. Sunset

18. Winter Gem

19. Worcester Pearmain

21. Damson ‘King Damson’  

22. Damson ‘Merryweather’

23. Plum ‘Denniston’s Superb’

24. Plum ‘Marjories Seedling’

25. Plum ‘Opal’

26. Plum ‘Oullin’s Golden Gage’

27. Plum ‘Czar’

28. Plum ‘Victoria’

29. Pear ‘Beth’

30. Pear ‘Conference’

31. Pear ‘Doyenne du Comice’

32. Pear ‘Louise Bonne of Jersey’

33. Pear ‘William’s Bon Cretian’

34. Cherry ‘Bigarreau Napoleon’  (colt)

35. Cherry ‘Cherokee’  (colt)

36. Cherry ‘Colney’ (colt)

37. Cherry ‘Early Rivers’ (colt)

38. Cherry ‘Hannaford’ (colt)

39. Cherry ‘Morello’ (colt)

40. Cherry ‘Penny Malden’ (colt)

41. Cherry ‘Stella’ (colt)

42. Cherry ‘Zoe’ (colt)

43. Medlar Original Bush (on Quince A)

44. Nut (Filbert) Kentish Cob, (bush)

45. Nut (Cobnut) Pearson’s Prolific,                                                             (bush)

46. Nut (Filbert) Red Filbert, (bush)

47. Nut (Filbert) White Filbert, (bush)





Growing Littleover Orchard

 We have launched a webpage on to raise funds for three main goals

 - To plant new trees - replacing those few lost to disease and accident and  planting new trees is a new section of the orchard - in total 62 new trees in about 20 different varieties of apples, pears, cherries, plums, etc. Some will be old favourites, some will be heritage varieties, to help to preserve the wonderful choice of orchard fruit that we have in this country. Including some

 crab-apples, a cider apple, apples original to Derbyshire, pears and plums.

- To show on an interpretation board where to find the varieties of fruit, and when to pick and when to eat them, and a bit about the special ones,

 also with names of larger sponsors of the appeal.

- To install a bench for visitors to enjoy the view of the ‘old’ (2011+) orchard with the view over the Trent Valley.

    There are options to make a straight-forward donation, or a donation with

 a reward as a thank you from us, and even to sponsor the display board or  the bench.

     To make a donation / “pledge” , please, go to


    For more images of the rewards - postcards, posters, T-shirts -

  go to                                                          page on this website

    Later on we will let you know when new trees will be planted if you want to come and help and when we will be pruning the old and the new trees.

   Please, help create the best community orchard in Derbyshire !!

                  Thanks for your support !

  Pupils from Derby Moor College helping Friends of Littleover Parks and   Parks Dept staff plant the first sections of the Orchard in December 2011

  Orchard Appeal Rewards

Orchard Appeal Rewards

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